Finally I’ve got a s2000 cluster to play with, So my mission is to get my Arduino to get that working pretty with the old honda sensors, should be fun as they look sick!

I’ve ordered a few samples of the TPIC8101 knock sensor interface as I fancy getting that to work as I’m after a decent knock monitor that isn’t a piss take price wize.

Hack a day had a link to a competition for designing stuff with a stm32 cortex 3 arm bla bla and for entering you supposedly get a free stm32 dev board so will see if that turns up, should work well with the knock chip.

Some dude is selling clone squirt v2.2 boards on ebay so I bought one as a tester not bad for a tenner so that to be built with leftovers…

I feel the features of ms2 has out grown the available pcbs and need way to much modification to work with even the simplest setups.
The microsquirt is halfway there a but even that is limited. Im really tempted to design an all singing board for usquirt modules and brand it as my own with the above knock shit built in and not a sucky db37, or fingers crossed B&G build a Microsquirt with MS3 chip…

My laptop took a shit with all my nokia code on but i’ve finally got the hdd out and i’ve uploaded the basic stuff to google code here