STM32F103xC + ILI9341 LCD + FSMC + CHIBiOS + UGFX = Success! - CC9060 hacking Part 2

After re writing the ugfx board config from scratch and going through the code with a fine tooth comb I finally got the LCD to work!

The included drivers for the ILI9341 are only written for 8bit wiring configs, so I got an Image of sorts, but just in blue.

After reading every thread on the ugfx forum relating to the ILI9341 I found this one which explained what I need to do to get the other 8 bits back.

Tiny tweak of the code and hey presto!


Now that I have working LCD drivers I can push on with canbus and gauges!
I’ll be uploading a complete ChibiStudio project for this board once I have all the kinks worked out.

Arran Short

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