State of the Union

Well its been nearly a whole year since my last post, which sucks but there has been some major things happen which have taken up most of my time.

First of all I got a job finally, Yay! working for Geek Squad in Carphone Warehouse, which was totally not what I expected but the job is great and I’ve nearly been there a year, and hope to stay a few more.

Having a job has opened a lot of other opportunities, the biggest one being I now have a driving licence and a car, and being able to afford new toys like a Galaxy S2 and Rigol Scope.

Well now that I’ve dusted off the blog and realised I’ve deleted all the pictures (doh!) I shall start posting again soon, and I have a few things I shall be posting about such as;

  • **Olimexino **– was looking for cheap dev boards with canbus and found this, its based on the maple which is like an Arduino but on speed. Managed to get it to write stuff to an sd card so should have a post about a Megasquirt logger at some point.

  • Sony Ericsson Live view – Got one for xmas and the novelty wore off after about a day, mainly due to it dropping connection to my phone, which it gets time data from so its not even good at being a watch. There is a thread on XDA trying to hack it to make it better but seems dead in the water. Strangely enough it has the same processor as the Olimexino so I’m semi familiar to it, so hopefully I can re purpose it for greater things.

  • Galaxy S2 – No idea, great phone but I would like to make an few apps, mainly to work with megasquirt. The Tunerstudio dude is making apps but they will probably turn into beggar ware to so a nice open logger would be a good project.

  • **My Car/ Megasquirt **– Now my relationship with megaturd as it is now known is a love hate one. I love the flexibility but the hardware is shit the licence is shit and tunerstudio is beggerware, I’m sick of the db37 and the mess you have to make if you want to do any adjustments or use decent guage wire. Jean has made a nice microsquirt style ecu but its expensive for what it does. Fingers crossed there’s an MS3 based microsquirt or they get Quoriva working.  or dare i say it FreeEMS get it act together and gets stable hardware and missing tooth code working. I know theres plenty of off the shelf ecus that just work, but I know ms and for the cost nothing touches it. so you may see some post about custom boards etc for the module but I’m not sure yet.

well thats about it for now.
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