Pushbullet Notification Mirroring on Xbmc

Pushbullet is an epic messaging service that allows Android notifications to be mirrored via their chrome plugin or pc app. Their api has just has an overhaul which included the ability to have 3rd party clients. I wanted to get my notifications mirrored to my tv so I set out to make a script for xbmc to do just that! its up on git hub here [https://github.com/sordfish/xbmc-pushbullet](https://github.com/sordfish/xbmc-pushbullet) just clone the repo rename the dir to script.pushbullet and copy to addons dir of xbmc. you just need to add your api key to the configuration page and that’s it reboot and feel the awesomeness of pushbullet on your TV. I plan to add a gui to send pushes and maybe some other IoT based features. i have a mini router with a jeenode waiting for some pushbullet love, so watch this space!
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