Open source TI Hercules LAUNCHXL2-TMS57012 based ECU

Well I’ve finally found some free time to open my LaunchXL2 – TMS570 dev kit from TI.

Its always been a dream to have made my own ECU from scratch and after having my ear to the ground on what’s hot and what’s not hardware wise I’ve opted to go for a TI TMS570 cpu.

There are plenty of “open” ECUs at the moment but none have really excited me as their hardware isn’t really automotive grade or the dev kit is a high price tag or they are just buried in conflicting hardware designs.

anyway I’m miles away from starting a jimstim let alone an engine so on with the basics.

There it is, very pretty and I love that every pin is broken out on the edges, in a single row which should make breadboarding simple.

After following the online guides for setting up I’ve managed to play with the pre programmed firmware and get a blinky project to work.

There doesn’t seem to be many online examples and its far more complex than the Arduino ide but I love how the debugging works, gone of the days of adding serial messages or leds for debugging!

More reading and playing around is needed I think, I may even look at RTOS options as its the same direction as OEM ECUs.

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