My purple ser kit boreds have arrived!!!

Yee ha my boards came today, after battling with upverter to design the schematic and pcb  (which actually is a pretty good design tool once you work around the quirks) I put an order in with

Im glad I did as i cant get over how sexy the purple and gold looks in the flesh.

Ive spotted one mistake so far but nothing major and there might be a few fine lines with the ground fill not being thick enough.

I can’t really complain for my first ever production boards, one thing I know ill do for next version is make it smaller, and try plan ground and power distribution better. These cost £35 for 3 boards and there is alot of wasted space.

Next board to order is the thermocouple amp which sits on top kinda like an arduino shield.

 Then its back to the drawing board to make v2.

Next cheque im really temped to buy the bits to diy etch some boards.  the cost and turn around of pro boards isnt worth it while I’m still learning the ways of pcb design.

But if you’re after high quality boards with a quick turnaround is the place to be…

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