Megasquirt on nokia 770

I was thinking the other day how good would it be to have some gauges and basic tuning abilities on the nokia 770 as its based on Linux and gtk I thought it shouldn’t be that hard to write something in python, but thought why start from scratch when there’s megatunix.I’ve had a tiny look into building it from source but it seems a chore just to even get scratchbox working..
So I thought sod it and started learning python and pygtk and after about a month of head scratching and swearing.

this happened


I’m still working out the kinks but it’s not bad considering it’s my first proper python app.

The next things I’d like to learn:

  • ecu version detection
  • ini file parsing to support multiple firmwares
  • guage customisation
  • bluetooth scanner and connector (have to do it in the command line atm)
  • learn cairo and maybe create some proper gauges
  • histograms?
  • datalogging to sd card?

There’s a plenty to do but I need a bluetooth to rs232 board as I’ve been using my laptop as a bridge and its a bit glitchy keep getting drop outs.

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