Managing Multiple Kubernetes Clusters easily with konfig and kubectx

At work I’ve been setting up a few Kubernetes clusters for AWX, Vault and other fancy tools.

Getting helm and the like working with k3s and managing it all nicely with kubectl has been a bit of a faff to say the least.

I’ve looked at kubectl context before but it hadn’t sunk in how to manage it all.

In comes konfig and kubectx:


This can be installed via krew ( a kubectl plugin manager ) and the awesome piece of software allows you to easily manage your .kube/config file by importing new k8s configs, e.g.

kubectl konfig import --save your-new-k8s-config.yml

And that’s it!

Now that you’ve got a kubectl config with loads of clusters what do you do? install kubectx of course!


This is a very simple plugin to allow easy viewing of your clusters and to then switch to them e.g.

kubectx name-of-your-cluster-context

Now you can relax and enjoy managing multiple clusters from one kubectl window.

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