LibreElec running on the ASUS Tinker Board ( KODI )


Yep you’ve read that correctly the ASUS Tinkerboard has finally had some LibreElec lovin'

Omegamoon has forked LibreElec and added all the necessary patches and tools to build a bootable SD card image of LibreElec for the ASUS tinker board.

You can find the fork here And the guide I followed to build it here


  • LEDs (power, sd-card activity and heartbeat)
  • Persistent ethernet MAC-address set in u-boot
  • Kodi fbdev (for performance testing, no vsync, no double buffering)
  • Kodi DRM/KMS
    • Basic rendering
    • Resolution / refresh rate change
    • Atomic DRM
  • Audio
    • I2S Stereo L-PCM
    • I2S Multi-channel L-PCM
    • I2S NL-PCM (AC3/E-AC3/DTS)
    • HDA 3.5 mm jack
  • Video
    • Software decoding
    • Hardware decoding (works with mpv)
      • h264 / hevc / vp8
      • mpegts container
      • scale video correctly
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • CEC

Known Issues

  • Video is stretched to full screen and uses wrong aspect ratio
  • Scaling 2160p video to 1080p causes green lines at bottom of screen
  • Bluetooth requires unwanted changes to uart in kernel
  • Generic USB-Audio do not work due to a custom alsa config
  • 4K resolution is limited to 30hz


One thing I would suggest is a fan!

After a few minutes of watching youtube (via kodi) with just the heatsink it got hot enough to trigger a reboot :(

You can buy an ASUS tinkerboard at Amazon UK - GLOBAL -

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