It lives!!!

So after assembling the first 1 1/2 boards with a mixture of hot air and soldering iron (I love how the surface tension of the solder paste auto aligns everything up with hot air) and it turned out quite well. 
I’ve spotted a few “mistakes” on my part but nothing a revised board wouldn’t fix.. all part of the learning curve I guess.
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 So the main purpose of these boards is to have a simple and low cost way to use canbus, for me this will be used with automotive projects..
This one will be an addon for Megasquirt so it can relay analogue and digital values back to the ecu for logging, so thing like additional temperature sensors or extra switches.
once I managed to get the arduino boot loader onto the atmega I uploaded my transmit test code that I had used on my arduino and diy canbus shield. 
**It lives!!!**
So now I’m in the process of making the code into 2 librarys for arduino. the first is a modified canduino library to work with 29bit headers.
the second is a fully automatic megasquirt canbus protocol decoder, once loaded this will automatically respond to any relevant message.
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