Getting started with the ASUS Tinker board... or not!


Google Now pointed me to some blog posts about a newly released SBC to compete with the raspberry pi, the ASUS Tinker board.

The Specs of  ASUS Tinker board sound good on paper but I guess the proof is in the pudding. 

I have made a quick unboxing video and wanted to follow up with my initial thoughts but I’m stuck at the first hurdle, I can’t find any software!

The quick start guide mentions an “OS image” to write to a micro sd card but google has come up with nothing so far. I have tweeted ASUS directly but I’ve had no reply 🙁

Clutching at straws to get some sort of life out of the board I have found an image for a miqi SBC that has the same rockchip rk3288  CPU that I may try if nothing else emerges from ASUS.

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