Finding the ultimate IoT Hub

I’ve been using a Samsung SmartThings v2 Hub for about two years now but before it goes the way of the DoDo or a surprise subscription appears out of nowhere that I’m forced to use as I’ve invested too much in custom rules.

Anyway, I’ve set out to find a replacement hub that will work with Home Assistant and isn’t reliant on “The Cloud” and runs an open source OS, Ideally Linux.

The Contenders

  • Keep the SmartThings V2 hub and try hacking a Custom OS
  • The same but for the V3 hub
  • Hack a Hive Nano Hub v2 to run Linux
  • Don’t bother and just add USB Zigbee dongle to a Pi and run USB over TCP/IP?
  • Itead Sonoff Zigbee Hub
  • Something Else?

Well as it’s me I’m going to probably try everything on the list at some point :D

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