Converting Cheap HDMI switch to usb. with added php magic

Finally got round to adding some usb goodness to a cheapy hdmi switch  I got off ebay.
it has 3 inputs and is controlled by a button in the center to choose which channel  is active, it has auto detect but i tend not to switch anything off so thats useless, plus having to get out of bed once I’ve got comfy to change inputs was slighty 2001 so…
out the goody box comes a minimus avr dev board i acquired of ebay fairly cheap, it has an at90usb162 mcu that can be [persuaded]( to work with the arduino ide.
few blobs of solder and some wire, and an npn transistor (to emulate the button press) later we have a usb controlled hdmi switch.
Now i couldn’t just stop there…
My hp micro server is also stashed in my “wardrobe”  with the switch so I have plugged the switch into that, and with a bit of php magic the I now have a web controlled hdmi switch
Now i couldn’t just stop there…
There’s this awesome app called tasker for android that pretty much lets you automate everything, so with a task setup to http get my php code I now have a button on my phone to change inputs.
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