ASUS Tinker Board - TinkerOS 1.4

Asus have recently released version 1.4 of TinkerOS which is their flavour of Debian for the tinker board.

This is the list of changes taken from their website.

1. Enable hardware acceleration for Chromium Web Browser.
 * Please also download chrome plug in “h264ify” to have best performance 
2. Improve the system stability.
3. Fix keyboard/mouse repeating event issue.
4. Preload Synaptic.

I did notice a fairly decent increase in boot speed and also I can confirm that the annoying keyboard issue is resolved Yee haw!

Loading up the WebGL demo Hello Racer ( is possible now and is comparable to the experience on my desktop PC with an intel i7 and hd4600

Trying videos in chrome even with the suggested plugin does still seem glitchy even with the h264ify plugin.

The download for this image can be found from here

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